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Do you need special power supply?
SFC1440 (small cutter) has a 3 pin 240 volt power plug ie. can plug into normal 240 volt socket/household power supply. Larger models are available in single or 3 phase options depending on your power supply (these models need to be wired into your shed by your electrician as each site will have its own requirements)

How hard is it to operate?
Commonsense & safety first are essential when operating the cutter. Simply operated with “U” shaped gear shift - with forward, neutral & reverse gear positions.You do not need to rely on someone with technical know-how to operate. Ease of operation makes it very favourable to use in studs, agistment properties; & by one-person horse owners - male or female.

What parts usually wear out ?
Main wearing parts are the blades & the cutting edge – useful life depends on cutting volume & hay quality.

How often do you have to sharpen the blades?
Only as required – as blades are made from selected hardened steel especially designed to keep their edge.

Do you have the parts available?
All parts are available. Instruction manual details all parts on cutter.

How can I order spare parts?
Phone or fax request & parts can be sent directly to your address. Either forward cheque, pay via direct deposit or parts can be sent to your post office COD (cash on delivery).

What does COD mean?
Goods can be sent immediately & parcel card will be place in your letter box. Take parcel card to your local post office & pay for goods at the post office.  Post office will send payment for goods to Jas Smith.

I don’t live in Victoria or Australia so how could I arrange delivery?
We freight cutters all over Australia at very reasonable rates. We also can arrange freight overseas - just ask.